Participation in 30 competitions as :

October 2011: Nominated for the 2011 Chef of the Year

February 2004: Finalist at the contest
« Meilleur Ouvrier de France » (Best French Craftsman)

March 2003: Semi-finalist at the Competition
« Meilleur Ouvrier de France » (Best French Craftsman)

June 2002: Finalist Trophy Etienne Tholoniat, category:
Sugar Art

October 2000: First prize at the Romorantin national competition, category:
Artistic piece of sugar

October 2000: Winner of the Gastronomic Days Trophy in Sologne

March 2000: Vice-Champion of France « Dessert à l’Assiette » (Dessert)

November 1999: 1st prize of the national competition in Dijon, category:
Artistically presented creativity entremet

October 1999: 1st Prize Jean-Louis Berthelot National Trophy at the Romorantin competition, category:

September 1999: 1st Prize National Trophy Marcel Duhamel in Arpajon, category:

June 1999: 3rd International Final Prize Trophée Mandarine Napoléon in Brussels, category:

March 1999: 1st Prize National Trophy Lucien Peltier in Touquet, category:
artistic piece of sugar and desserts

October 1998: 1st Prize National Competition in Romorantin, category: